Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crossed Palm Trees

In-N-Out Sign_2447

I find myself once again disappointed by the burger joint with the crossed palm trees. The burger is just ok and the fries, well, are just a bit sad. I mean do they intentionally cut them to be less than an inch long, making it impossible to dip them in ketchup? In all fairness though it would be impossible for ANY fast food joint to live up to the hype the In-N-Out Burger gets from it’s fans. But In-N-Out is in Texas now… So we can stop acting like it’s the end all be all of fast food burger joints. The mystique of it not being here is gone now. I know this is going to get some peoples panties in a bunch, and that I’m going to be told that I just don’t know how to order at In-N-Out… To you I say. Fine, take me, show me how to order at In-N-Out… but you’re buyin’.

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