Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big News

After a long search the offices of BigLukeIsAwesome will be relocating to a new worldwide headquarters. I’m scheduled to close on my house on the 29th of September. It's in Arlington near Fielder & Randol Mill. It's a sweet little house with a nice yard and awesome neighborhood. These are just the first pictures but there will be more soon!
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Daisy said...


Erica Lucci said...

Congratulations, it looks lovely!

Serrattaritaville said...

The Katdaddy and I congratulate on your entry into the world of home ownership (and mortgages). Great new home - it could be SO swank if you wanted to head down that mid-century path.

If you're going to do any reno, let us know when you need help - with everything that your P's have helped us with, it will be a pleasure to be able to reciprocate!