Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top 5 Tuesday - Top 5 Val Kilmer Movies

My top 5 movies that feature Val Kilmer.

5-Top Gun

Classic Movie… Although I think it maybe one of the first chick flicks disguised as a dude movie. How can this ever be considered a chick flick you ask? Think about the whole volleyball scene. Then the whole love story plot line and Maverick loses his best friend Goose… but chick flick or not Val Kilmer is harsh as Lt. Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky


A crime movie based on true events, Kilmer plays porn actor John Holmes


This is just a flat out badass cops and robber’s movie. Kilmer is a hardcore thief with a bad gambling problem and smoking hot wife played by smoking hot Ashley Judd

2- Tombstone

Doc Holliday… Kilmer plays a badass in one of the most badass westerns of all time

1- Real Genius

Kilmer play a super-smart genius college kid that gets back at his A-hole professor, who’s selling his genius work to the government as weapon, by filling his house with popcorn. Hi-jinks in sues from start to finish in this movie. Why did I make it my number one, because anytime it’s on I must watch it, no matter what part of the movie I come in at. It makes me happy.

I suggest you watch'em all... This weekend. I know I will.


Bo Nash said...

"Why are you wearing those on your head?"
"Because if I wear them anywhere else, they chafe."

Ya can't beat Real Genius. Period.

Leslie The Pirate said...

Ha ha ha - Real Genius - classic 80s film.

Don't forget what a great Jim Morrison Val is as well.