Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top 5 Jimi Hendrix Covers

I’ve always liked hearing cover songs. I like hearing peoples takes on the music they love. When it comes to Hendrix his style was so unique at the time and so copied and expanded on as years have past, I think it’s cool to see where these songs go in the hands of extremely capable musicians, like the ones on this list. These are my favorites.

5 All Along The Watchtower – Dave Matthews Band – It’s a cover of a cover, Hendrix covered this Bob Dylan song in 1968, but DMB does a great job with this song on the Live at Red Rocks album, it starts off slow and builds into a big, full, angry sounding version of the song

4 Little Wing – Paul Rodgers & Company – I’m not sure where this recording came from but it features Neal Schon (Journey, Santana) on Guitar, and I’ve always loved Paul Rodgers Voice, you can find it an album called The Hendrix Set

3 Bold As Love – John Mayer – Even though he burst on the music scene as softy pop star John Mayer’s guitar chops can not be denied. He is one hell of a guitar player. He does a hell of a job with my favorite Hendrix tune. Check out the live version on Where the Light Is. Also check out his stuff with the John Mayer Trio

2 AngelFiona Apple – I’m not sure where this one came from either. But it’s been on my MP3 play list since I was “barrowing” them from Napster way back in the day. It’s a slow sexy version that Fiona does so well.

1 Little WingStevie Ray Vaughan – This is hands down my favorite song…ever. I’ve listened to at least 36000 and 1 times since the first time I heard. I used to just listen to it over and over. Release on The Sky Is Crying, after the 1990 helicopter crash that took his life. It’s nearly 7 minutes long and goes through the full range of tone and emotions… I love it.

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Medea said...

I don't see Winger's version of "Purple Haze" on your list.