Monday, May 25, 2009

My Top 5 Baseball Movies

Now that Memorial Day has past and summer has 'officially' started its times for a list of my top 5 movies in my favorite genre, the baseball movie. There are lots of movies about America’s Favorite Past Time. It’s tough to narrow it down to just 5…. But here we go.

5. 61* - The Story of Maris and Mantle and the chase for the single season homerun record.

4. Field of Dreams – The guy has voices tell him to build a baseball field in his cornfield so he can play catch with his Dad. I want to go to that field and play catch with my Dad and throw batting practice to Shoeless Joe. First movie on the list starting the all time best baseball movie lead actor.

3. The Sandlot – Every kid growing up had their version of a baseball palace, but not all of them were as cool as the Sandlot. Great movie with the added bonus’ of a great soundtrack and Wendy Peffercorn

2. The Natural – He called his bat ‘Wonder Boy’ and there wasn’t anything Robert Redford couldn’t do on a baseball diamond. This is the movie that gave us "The" Home Run Music.

1. Bull Durham – This movie has it all, great baseball action, great storyline and Susan Sarandon is hot. Crash Davis is the man.

Honorable Mention - The Rookie, Major League, Eight Men Out, League of Their Own (Tom Hanks is so genius in this movie)

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Bo Nash said...

If you like the movie version of The Natural, don't read the book. The ending is a total 180 from the film!