Friday, April 10, 2009

The Things I Think About When I'm Pooping

It struck me this morning (whilst sitting on the throne), in 200,000 years of human evolution and technological advancement, that toilet paper and the Bidet are as far as the science of cleaning Ones back side has come. Nearly all other technology has and continues to progress at tremendous rates.

Think of things like the size of your first cellphone. Think of CD's and how cool and new they were not all that long ago... and how they are nearly non-existent these days. Heck go really low tech... Have you seen how many different alternatives and styles they have for the paperclip these days? Yet a squirt of warm water or a wad of tissue paper remains on the cutting edge of human backside care and cleanliness.

Believe it or not as humans we didn't immediately make the jump to soft paper for cleaning our backsides. Throughout the years people have used various items to do the job, things like... your hand, wool, grass, hay, leaves, sand, snow, fruit skins, corn husks and even corn cobs! NO THANKS!

In China at one point it was fashionable to use silk... that might be nice and some other cultures used lace. Toilet paper as we know it today has only been around since 1850's. Some 80 years AFTER the birth of the United States and just a few years before the US Civil War. Until that point people would keep piles of leaves outside their outhouses... Now that's something you DON'T see in the movies

Even stranger is the thought that the Bidet out dates modern toilet paper by nearly 100 years. It was initially a common piece of FURNITURE in the French BEDROOM... dirty Frenchies, as plumbing improved it was moved to the bathroom as a fixture next to the toilet.

Regardless of how you tidy up after doing your business enjoy your quiet time today.

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brian said...

You should visit Japan, their toilet technology would blow your mind.