Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Texas Congressman Joe Barton is wasting the country's time

Dear United States Citizens-

I'm sorry that my Congressman is a fuckup and doesn't have his priorities straight when it comes to what should be truly important and best for our country.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Read the following link

Story of how Joe Barton (Texas Congressman) is wasting the Nation's time

Please see my rant below... this was sent in an e-mail after I read the story myself... it's a little rambling and dis-jointed but I was pretty pissed off and blown away at the amount of balls it would take for a congressman to step out and hoist this up as a problem of national importance. Especially considering the current state our nation and world.

-The E-mail-

There are a about a billion things that congress should be looking into… the BCS system is not one of them.

How about that we have a War on… on 2 fronts for going on 5 years!

How about the fact that the economy is crap and every company under the sun is begging for loans from the government to bail them out, that they have NO intention of paying back.

How about the fact that kids can’t get a decent education in public schools.

How about the fact that not every person in this country can afford to see a doctor when they need to.

How about the fact that New Orleans, Houston and Galveston aren’t put back together yet.

How about congress looks into why its members are wasting money and time thinking about even talking about looking into the BCS

How about they stop giving universities public money to use on sports all together and Joe Barton, Bobby Rush and Michael McCaul have their congressional salaries stripped from them. Let put all that money to better use… maybe give it to families of fallen or injured soldiers… that’s just one thought… or maybe put it towards those same universities researching renewable, clean energy alternatives, or maybe even giving out a few more academic scholarships… that kids from public schools can’t qualify for because they have a god damn sub-par education.

These guys need to get there head out each other’s asses and quit dickin’ around… Yeah Texas got screwed in the BCS… but it’s not cute for a mother fucking elected official from Texas to go around thumping his chest about fixing the BCS on the country’s time or money. Keep your eye on the ball jackass… stick to matters of REAL public/national importance… football is a game.

If you are left with a bad taste in your mouth by this like me, please contact these congressmen and let them know. Better yet next time you're at the polls remember to look for other representation - TX - TX - IL

Monday, December 8, 2008

Whiskey Tasting

Tiny Bottles
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Going on Whiskey tasting is quickly becoming my favorite way to spend a Monday evening. Good drinks, interesting people, good food, good stories, good times and good swag.

Tonight we went to a Bourbon tasting in Ft Worth put on by Majestic Liquors and Wild Turkey at Lambert's. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Information for your brain

The human brain is amazing… It can do anything. The human mind is endless, greater in size than the infinite universe. It grows and adapts to anything. I know tons of studies have been done on how much information we (humans) process in the course of a day compared to just a couple decades ago. Information, knowledge truly is power and we crave it… unlike any other creature on the face of the earth. That is what separates us from the apes, not an opposable thumb.

How many times have you sat with the TV on while reading a book or surfing the internet. Some people’s mind craves information so badly they need it just to relax… do you sleep with a TV or radio on? I do. We don’t even need meaningful information… just something going into our mind… Hell as a I sit here typing this my music player is tracking through the tunes on my computer as I keep one eye towards the TV watching ESPN highlights I’ve already seen four times this morning.

And we can process it so quickly… well some people do.

For instance… searching the internet for the “first car accident” you’ll find a couple different accounts. I’m talking about the first car accident in history. One talks about the first fender bender between a car and a horse and buggy, another is an account of a car driving into a wall. So how does this relate to how humans process information? Well I’m sure these accidents happened at speeds under 25 mph and the cars involved were probably the only car around for hundreds of miles.

Compare that to today, a lot of the time a person can drive down a busy city street or freeway with hundreds of other cars generally going faster than the posted speed limit, jamming out to music, reading road signs, street signs and billboards… most of the time talking on a cell phone or sending a TXT message. I’ve done it myself. I mean there are A LOT of split second decisions to be made when driving a car down the road at 70mph. It seems mundane now, but it’s pretty amazing when you look back at how we got here and what we’re capable of.

All that being said…. When I’m looking for an address when I drive, I still turn down the radio.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Son of the Beard

Last Year was "The Beard"

What's that in the Woods?

This Year.... "Son of the Beard"

That Is All My Face
Damn my hair looks good in this pic