Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who is that???

This past weekend my niece and I were riding to my place and I was asking her things like what color is a tree. She’d say green, and I’d ask what color is my shirt and she’d say orange. We did this for most of the trip and I started running out of things to ask… So I asked what color is Big Bird… she thinks for a second… and I say you know… Big Bird. She says… uh… Who is that?

What the hell man? My niece doesn’t know Big Bird. I’m pained by that… she will be getting a good dosage of Sesame Street starting soon. This is going to make Christmas shopping easy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Music Jogs the Memory on a Saturday Morning.

So surfing the web this morning, between dealing with loads of laundry… My Zune player cranked up on the computer just shuffling through the songs and Dick Dale pops on. Since I’m about twenty two inches away from my speakers and I have the volume at about 90 it reminded me about the time I saw him live…. Then I started to think about other shows I’d seen and just some of the things about those shows that really stand out to me in my mind. So let’s do the list… Shall we.

-Dick Dale-

Curtain Club Dallas… This is a small club, about 200 people max… I might be overstating, anyway. At the time Dick Dale is like 100 years old, this was like 10 years ago. I remember the big black X’s on the backs of my hands. Which were washed off quickly so I could buy big Oil Cans of Fosters.

Dick Dale comes out and sets to straight up shredding his Stratocaster surf style…and I swear the amps were turned up to 20. The loudest show ever… not only did my ears bleed a little but my nose, my eyes and I’m pretty sure I suffered some internal trauma do to the volume level at that show.

-Toadies -

If you want to lose weight fast go to any Toadies show in Texas… especially in July, August or September. Doesn’t matter in-door, out-door, big venue, small venue. Anywhere short of a giant refrigerated warehouse and it’s going to be hot. Real HOT, usually about 120 degrees and sticky. Last time I saw the Toadies I lost 93lbs sweated out in the span of about 2 hours.

-Drowning Pool-

Girls Shouldn’t Mosh. Honestly I don’t think that anyone should, but you get to see some crazy stuff when drunk/high young white dudes start listening to that aggressive music. I saw a girl get knocked out cold at Trees.

Ok my playlist has moved on and so has my inspiration… Now I want pancakes. Remember James Brown says "I don't know Karate... But I know Crazy"