Monday, August 18, 2008

The Internet has ruined the Olympics for me

The internet has ruined the Olympics for me and it has nothing to do with how fast information can make it around the world. It doesn’t bother me that news sites and blogs publish the final result of competitions hours before they will be televised to the US in primetime TV.

So how exactly has the internet ruined the Olympics in my opinion… Right now I’m watching the Women’s trampoline competition. These gymnasts are flying at least 15 feet in the air, bouncing and flipping and doing these amazing things… But what am I doing? Bracing myself for them to fly completely off the trampoline or miss a stunt and fall crashing to the mat in disaster. We’ve all seen the thousands of videos floating around on the internet of these kinds of fiascos. Not to say that every video on the internet is of a world class athlete crashing to the ground in a heap of destruction... but I'm watching this stuff tonight and I'm just kinda waiting for the punchline.

Damned Internet, It ruins everything.

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