Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Texas Congressman Joe Barton is wasting the country's time

Dear United States Citizens-

I'm sorry that my Congressman is a fuckup and doesn't have his priorities straight when it comes to what should be truly important and best for our country.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Read the following link

Story of how Joe Barton (Texas Congressman) is wasting the Nation's time

Please see my rant below... this was sent in an e-mail after I read the story myself... it's a little rambling and dis-jointed but I was pretty pissed off and blown away at the amount of balls it would take for a congressman to step out and hoist this up as a problem of national importance. Especially considering the current state our nation and world.

-The E-mail-

There are a about a billion things that congress should be looking into… the BCS system is not one of them.

How about that we have a War on… on 2 fronts for going on 5 years!

How about the fact that the economy is crap and every company under the sun is begging for loans from the government to bail them out, that they have NO intention of paying back.

How about the fact that kids can’t get a decent education in public schools.

How about the fact that not every person in this country can afford to see a doctor when they need to.

How about the fact that New Orleans, Houston and Galveston aren’t put back together yet.

How about congress looks into why its members are wasting money and time thinking about even talking about looking into the BCS

How about they stop giving universities public money to use on sports all together and Joe Barton, Bobby Rush and Michael McCaul have their congressional salaries stripped from them. Let put all that money to better use… maybe give it to families of fallen or injured soldiers… that’s just one thought… or maybe put it towards those same universities researching renewable, clean energy alternatives, or maybe even giving out a few more academic scholarships… that kids from public schools can’t qualify for because they have a god damn sub-par education.

These guys need to get there head out each other’s asses and quit dickin’ around… Yeah Texas got screwed in the BCS… but it’s not cute for a mother fucking elected official from Texas to go around thumping his chest about fixing the BCS on the country’s time or money. Keep your eye on the ball jackass… stick to matters of REAL public/national importance… football is a game.

If you are left with a bad taste in your mouth by this like me, please contact these congressmen and let them know. Better yet next time you're at the polls remember to look for other representation - TX - TX - IL

Monday, December 8, 2008

Whiskey Tasting

Tiny Bottles
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Going on Whiskey tasting is quickly becoming my favorite way to spend a Monday evening. Good drinks, interesting people, good food, good stories, good times and good swag.

Tonight we went to a Bourbon tasting in Ft Worth put on by Majestic Liquors and Wild Turkey at Lambert's. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Information for your brain

The human brain is amazing… It can do anything. The human mind is endless, greater in size than the infinite universe. It grows and adapts to anything. I know tons of studies have been done on how much information we (humans) process in the course of a day compared to just a couple decades ago. Information, knowledge truly is power and we crave it… unlike any other creature on the face of the earth. That is what separates us from the apes, not an opposable thumb.

How many times have you sat with the TV on while reading a book or surfing the internet. Some people’s mind craves information so badly they need it just to relax… do you sleep with a TV or radio on? I do. We don’t even need meaningful information… just something going into our mind… Hell as a I sit here typing this my music player is tracking through the tunes on my computer as I keep one eye towards the TV watching ESPN highlights I’ve already seen four times this morning.

And we can process it so quickly… well some people do.

For instance… searching the internet for the “first car accident” you’ll find a couple different accounts. I’m talking about the first car accident in history. One talks about the first fender bender between a car and a horse and buggy, another is an account of a car driving into a wall. So how does this relate to how humans process information? Well I’m sure these accidents happened at speeds under 25 mph and the cars involved were probably the only car around for hundreds of miles.

Compare that to today, a lot of the time a person can drive down a busy city street or freeway with hundreds of other cars generally going faster than the posted speed limit, jamming out to music, reading road signs, street signs and billboards… most of the time talking on a cell phone or sending a TXT message. I’ve done it myself. I mean there are A LOT of split second decisions to be made when driving a car down the road at 70mph. It seems mundane now, but it’s pretty amazing when you look back at how we got here and what we’re capable of.

All that being said…. When I’m looking for an address when I drive, I still turn down the radio.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Son of the Beard

Last Year was "The Beard"

What's that in the Woods?

This Year.... "Son of the Beard"

That Is All My Face
Damn my hair looks good in this pic

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who is that???

This past weekend my niece and I were riding to my place and I was asking her things like what color is a tree. She’d say green, and I’d ask what color is my shirt and she’d say orange. We did this for most of the trip and I started running out of things to ask… So I asked what color is Big Bird… she thinks for a second… and I say you know… Big Bird. She says… uh… Who is that?

What the hell man? My niece doesn’t know Big Bird. I’m pained by that… she will be getting a good dosage of Sesame Street starting soon. This is going to make Christmas shopping easy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Music Jogs the Memory on a Saturday Morning.

So surfing the web this morning, between dealing with loads of laundry… My Zune player cranked up on the computer just shuffling through the songs and Dick Dale pops on. Since I’m about twenty two inches away from my speakers and I have the volume at about 90 it reminded me about the time I saw him live…. Then I started to think about other shows I’d seen and just some of the things about those shows that really stand out to me in my mind. So let’s do the list… Shall we.

-Dick Dale-

Curtain Club Dallas… This is a small club, about 200 people max… I might be overstating, anyway. At the time Dick Dale is like 100 years old, this was like 10 years ago. I remember the big black X’s on the backs of my hands. Which were washed off quickly so I could buy big Oil Cans of Fosters.

Dick Dale comes out and sets to straight up shredding his Stratocaster surf style…and I swear the amps were turned up to 20. The loudest show ever… not only did my ears bleed a little but my nose, my eyes and I’m pretty sure I suffered some internal trauma do to the volume level at that show.

-Toadies -

If you want to lose weight fast go to any Toadies show in Texas… especially in July, August or September. Doesn’t matter in-door, out-door, big venue, small venue. Anywhere short of a giant refrigerated warehouse and it’s going to be hot. Real HOT, usually about 120 degrees and sticky. Last time I saw the Toadies I lost 93lbs sweated out in the span of about 2 hours.

-Drowning Pool-

Girls Shouldn’t Mosh. Honestly I don’t think that anyone should, but you get to see some crazy stuff when drunk/high young white dudes start listening to that aggressive music. I saw a girl get knocked out cold at Trees.

Ok my playlist has moved on and so has my inspiration… Now I want pancakes. Remember James Brown says "I don't know Karate... But I know Crazy"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall is hitting Texas

Fall is hitting Texas... it's 60 degrees outside I have the windows open and the music playing... I love it. Another symbol of fall.... Corn Dogs at the State Fair of Texas

Happiness on a Stick.... 1 of 3 that night

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Deep In the Heart of Texas

I'm spending the week in Lubbock for work. So I'm doing a lot of catching up on my interneting. So part of my interneting is my blog that has been too long left un-updated.

I'm watching a Food Network show about pizza and it makes me want to go to Chicago. I'm glad I'm going to be going soon.
Damn Good Pizza

Monday, September 1, 2008

Art by Natty

Art by Natty
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This week was my Niece's first week at kindergarten. One of her projects this week was to draw something she loved. She drew me and her. It's the cutest thing ever. We're at a party.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Internet has ruined the Olympics for me

The internet has ruined the Olympics for me and it has nothing to do with how fast information can make it around the world. It doesn’t bother me that news sites and blogs publish the final result of competitions hours before they will be televised to the US in primetime TV.

So how exactly has the internet ruined the Olympics in my opinion… Right now I’m watching the Women’s trampoline competition. These gymnasts are flying at least 15 feet in the air, bouncing and flipping and doing these amazing things… But what am I doing? Bracing myself for them to fly completely off the trampoline or miss a stunt and fall crashing to the mat in disaster. We’ve all seen the thousands of videos floating around on the internet of these kinds of fiascos. Not to say that every video on the internet is of a world class athlete crashing to the ground in a heap of destruction... but I'm watching this stuff tonight and I'm just kinda waiting for the punchline.

Damned Internet, It ruins everything.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reckless Kelly Is Cool

Reckless Kelly is cool. I'm really digging their newest album, Bulletproof. It's one of those that I can listen to from start to finish without skipping songs. Also the album cover is kinda crazy looking. If you're into Alt-Country or Country Rock you'll probably like it too.

Also lately I've been into an album called 1861 by Moreland & Arbuckle.
This is real deal blues. I don't care for the term nitty gritty... But that's exactly what they are. I found this band, out one night in Dallas with some friends just driving by a bar I'd never been in before but we could hear them from the outside at the stop light. Very cool band. They were just a 3 piece in there kicking ass on a Thursday night. Playing to about a dozen people it was really fun to watch and hear.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I feel super... really.

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I don’t know if anyone else was like me, but remember taking NyQuil as a kid and how nasty it was… I’m talking Old School NyQuil. The green black licorice flavor before they came out with the so tasty cherry. I would have trouble choking down the tiny cup of syrup. But now after years of practicing on some pretty nasty drinks at the bar… and countless shots of Jagermiester I’m proud to say I can damn near drink half a bottle of NyQuil in one sip. See how far I’ve come. I can now feel it kicking in and need to go night night.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Niagara Falls Is Awesome

It’s really something that you need to see to believe. Just how much water flows down the river and over those falls is amazing. My Niagara Falls Photo Set

Monday, May 12, 2008

I haven't been very inspried lately

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I haven’t been very inspired lately. I don’t have much to say here on the blog and my flickr page has just been snapshots. Any even the snapshots haven’t been coming very regularly lately. But I feel my loyal reader deserves a new update to look at. So I thought I’d talk about something cool I’ve found for flickr.

Piclens is a really cool little toy for looking at flickr. I hear it works with other sites but I haven’t played with it on anything but flickr. It makes flickr look awesome. I really can’t explain how cool it is, you just need to see it. But it’s a little plugin that works with most browsers. Go download it and check it out.

Go check it out at

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Gadgets for my Pocket

Gadgets for my Pocket
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These days I’m carrying a couple new gadgets. The Sprint Palm Centro smart phone and the first gen Zune 30GB Multi-media player.
First the Centro, I’ve been using this phone for about 3 weeks and the more I use it, the more I like it. I’ve been very happy with it so far. As a phone I’ve had no dead spots, reception issues or dropped calls. As a smart phone I’ve been extremely happy with it, I’m still figuring out how to use each of the little bells and whistles. But I as figure out each one and start to use it I just like it more.
Here are a couple of the high lights.
1. Chat Style Text Log – it keeps texts in a conversations layout so you don’t have to jump back and forth from the inbox to outbox. It makes texting a breeze

2. Sprint Mobile Mail – One place to access all my e-mail when I’m on the move. Right now I have my work account and personal Gmail accounts setup. I’m not sure what the maximum number of accounts you can config on Mobile Mail is but it handles both of these accounts very well.

3. Google Maps- I love this app on any platform I can get it and like it a lot on my previous phone. But on the Centro it’s even better.

The only two low points are battery life could be better, but that’s with any phone. The second is the keyboard is a bit small to keep the phone as whole as small as possible, but really with some use I’ve gotten a lot faster with it and tend not to even notice it now.

Now on to the Zune.
Last week I picked-up a first generation 30GB Zune for $199, not a bad price for a full blown 30GB Multimedia player. So far I’ve been very happy with it. The Zune software is awesome and the player itself plays just about anything. The interface is very easy to pickup and start using right away and things like wireless syncing require almost no setup and just worked…. For a Microsoft product this is frickin’ amazing.
One of the cool things the Zune software does is keep track of plays and shows you stats about artists and songs played. It’s nerdy but I like it! Then once you’ve linked your Zune to a user account it can automatically populate a little web gadget that you can stick on a blog, website, MySpace, Facebook, etc… to share what kind of music you’re listening to with the world.

The BigLukeIsAwsome Score
Centro – 5 Stars for Awesome
Zune – 5 Stars for Awesome

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow Day In Texas

Snow Day
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Here in Dallas we got a down fall of snow today. This was the real deal snow too... not the freezing rain and sleet we usually see... The so called"Wintery Mix".

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playing With The Dogs

Playing with my dogs... I threw the ball for about an hour... But they were still more interested in the ball then getting a drink.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Gene Hackman

Has anyone else noticed that one of the greatest American actors of the last 40 years has been quietly absent from the Hollywood landscape. According to Gene Hackman hasn’t been in a movie since Welcome to Mooseport in 2004. I bet you’re surprised, as I was, to find this out.

How can this be, you ask? Trust me I know what you’re saying.

It’s a tough task to give anyone, search through one day of American Cable TV programming and NOT find at least 1 movie that has Gene Hackman involved in it. I’m not sure that it could even be done. I mean the man has at least 1 movie on TV every single day. Now because of this fact it’s easy to see why Eugene Allen Hackman has been gone nearly 4 whole years without anyone noticing. HE’S BEEN HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT!

You look at the weekend programming on TNT and TBS alone, you’re bound to find at least 2 of his movies any weekend of the year. So that leaves me at this… WHERE HAVE YOU GONE GENE HACKMAN?

Gene please shoot me an e-mail, just wanna make sure everything is ok.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What do you do with your change?

It's all pocket change
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What do you do with your pocket change? I bet, if you’re like most people you have some kind of jar, dish, bowl, bottle, bag or bucket you toss it into full of coins that’s not to mention that change in your car. In my car I have change all over the ash tray, glove box, floor, seats and I even have a nifty little coin holder that hides in the center console that’s full and all the loose change floating around in the console its self. I know I’m not alone, I’d bet most anyone has change lying around in this way.

I have an uncle that has a few 5 gallon water bottles FULL of change stashed away in his basement. By his guess he’s got a few thousand dollars in those jugs. Thousands of dollars… doing nothing, except collecting dust. Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, people have saved money in lots ways, Stuffed in mattresses, shoe boxes, jars and even big ol’ water jugs. But in this case it started out as something simpler than that.

In the case of my uncle I think it started out with a bowl. He’d come home at the end of the day and toss his change in a bowl he keeps on his work bench. When the bowl was full he’d dump into a bigger container. When that container was full he’d dump it into a bigger one until he’d filled up an entire 5 gallon water jug. But it all started with that bowl and no simple way to do anything with it.

So when I think about my bucket of change, my uncle’s water bottles and everyone else that has change lying around it’s got to be millions and millions of dollars just sitting. Why? Well because it’s a pain in that ass to carry change all the time and it’s even a bigger pain in the ass to count it and roll it up to take to the bank for deposit. Now I’m not the first one that’s had this thought which is evident by the existence of companies like CoinStar. Their cool little green kiosk can be generally found in the front of your local grocery store and if not CoinStar then some other reasonable facsimile of it.These companies like CoinStar charge fees to sort and count your spare change, Which a lot of the time is reasonable enough considering what a pain it is to do it the old fashion way.

Now we get to my point in this whole thing. Why in the world do banks just let companies like CoinStar just have this business? Now it seems to me that for the banks to stick a similar automated sorting and counting machine in the lobby for customers to use is a no-brainer. How much money could that open up to spending, who knows. So come on big banks… Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase here’s an opportunity. Figure it out… Rolling the coins and marking them with my account for deposit is a real pain in the ass. There's a little common cents for you... haha get it common cents.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today I was bringing home groceries and it struck me… I’ve never seen anyone in my building ever bringing in any groceries…. Or anything for that matter, strange. What the hell do these people eat?
My "Welcome" Mat

Sunday, January 13, 2008

11... The New Dozen

11...!!! The ***New Dozen***!!!!!!

11 Flour Tortillas….??? So I’m looking at this bag of tortillas… why would it be 11? Not 10 or 12 but 11. Maybe because 11 is perfectly divisible by 1... Or is that 11 is what they call a “Baker’s 10”... I don’t know . Ok, I just made that baker’s 10 thing up. I’m thinking that someone ordered the bags wrong and they figured what the hell. Nah…. It couldn’t be that simple. Oh well I’m off to make 11 tacos.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza
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Pizza Pizzazz!!!!! I love this thing... I got it a couple years ago for Christmas... Although it is kinda of a silly looking contraption it does make a pretty good pizza.... If you're into doctoring up your pizzas from the freezer you'd love this thing.... This one here is a BBQ Chicken Pizza I threw together on a pre-made crust.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Day I Turned 29

The Day I Turned 29
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Yesterday (Jan 3) was my birthday. I turned 29, I'm sure that was the most interesting thing you've learned today. I haven't blogged in awhile, I've come close a couple times but nothing has really struck me.

I actually kinda of like this picture of myself, generally I don't care to look at myself in photographs. I took it in a rush at about 5 minutes to midnight. Then I rushed to post it to my flickr page so it would be up before January 3rd had passed.

So Happy Birthday to Me, Take a look at the cake my sister made me.