Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's On My DVR?

So there you are surfing the web and perusing through all of blogdom and I bet you find yourself wondering. What is on the DVR at the BigLukeIsAwesome home office... Right? That’s what I thought. So you want to know what’s on the DVR.. Which basically amounts to what are my favorite TV shows of the moment, let’s see what makes the list.

  • How I Met Your Mother - CBS Monday
    • By far my favorite show. I’ve been watching this show since the first episode, its genius. This show really captures the feeling of being in your late 20’s. It’s easy to see little of my friends in all the characters on this show and it has NPH. (Neil Patrick Harris)
  • The Office - NBC Thursday
    • The cast is great!
  • 30 Rock - NBC Thursday
    • Tina Fey HOT... Alec Baldwin is genius on the show.
  • Saturday Night Live - NBC Saturday
    • I think the current cast is as good as it's ever been on the show.
  • Big Bang Theory - CBS Monday
    • I'm a geek. Funny Geeks on the show.... I hope this show sticks around
  • Three Sheets - MojoHD Check Local Listings
    • A Funny Guy (Zane Lamprey) travels the world drinking with the locals (Hello Dream Job)
  • Have Fork Will Travel - Food Network Tuesday
    • Same Funny guy as Three Sheets, Travels the world eating with the locals
  • MythBusters - Discovery Channel Check Local Listings
  • Rules of Engagement - CBS Monday
    • Puddy is funny on the show
So there you go... That's what's on my DVR.. now I'm going to watch some TV.

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